Alzheimer's: Anxiety's Antidote

J:  Anxiety is everywhere today.  Whether it is caused by the recent natural disasters, the tumultuous political climate or the prevalence of social media, people in record numbers are seeking relief from unrelenting anxiety.  I had never heard of Xanax before a few years ago, and now it seems that people are popping them like tic tacs.

I think I might have a permanent solution to the anxiety issue: a small dose of ALZ.  Yesterday my parents were visited by the home health doctor for their check ups and flu shots.  They were both pleasant with the doctor and GRB especially seemed to relish his role as the patient.  He was cool as a cucumber as the doctor administered the shot and reported being in great health.  His exam seemed to confirm that.  BP of 120/64.  He is not anxious about the Russian interference in last year's election, about the Indians' loss in the first round of the playoffs or even that the Browns are 0-7.  Similarly, Sweet T, who weighed in with a BP of 118/68 is not batting an eye today about Christmas being only two months away.  

We feel sorry for people with dementia because they can't remember. Maybe we're looking at it all wrong.  Maybe, along with ALZ, comes "the peace of God, which passeth all understanding" (Philippians 4:7-9).  Maybe, along with this damned disease, they get a little bit of heaven on earth.

I'm not looking for ALZ, but at 2:22 this morning, when I was wide awake worried about a million things, I could have used a little of that peace . . .