A Tribute to the Parkway Team

Written by J, one of J's sons:

Throughout the past years, stories have been shared about the experiences of the Daisies and the terrible nature of Alzheimer’s disease. Some of these stories are funny, some are sad, and some are scary. I read the Daisy blog after each post to stay caught up on the life of G and T and the progression of the Parkway Project. I have said for some time that I wanted to contribute to the blog, but did not know what I had to contribute until now.

This past weekend, some of the Parkway team made the trip down to Nashville for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. This event aims to raise money for Alzheimer’s research and creates awareness for anyone who participates. I was so lucky to be able to participate in this walk with my family and we had an amazing and memorable weekend together. As the Parkway team traveled back home to the Daisies, I found myself thinking about how close we have become as a family since G and T’s diagnosis. Since moving to the Parkway, this team has become so close and we have shared so many amazing memories together. From the Sunday night Daisy dinners, the countless hours spent at each other’s houses, and special events such as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, this family has never been closer. While I would give anything to see this disease be cured, I would never trade anything for the memories and moments I have shared with my family.

It has been said that God puts his toughest soldiers through the most difficult battles. What has happened to our family should not be wished upon anyone, but how we have banded together for the Daisies should be shared with the world. This blog post is dedicated to everyone in my family that has made an unbelievable effort for the people they love. The past few years have been sad, but I also have never been around a stronger family in my entire life. So, M&D, E&B, D, B, M, R, L, C, and the Daisies, I love you all and thank you for showing me what the word family means.