Secret Shopper

J:  Today is my day for all day Daisy Duty.  I had the privilege of shopping with GRB this afternoon, and - much to my surprise - I found him to be quite the avid shopper!  We started, as we often do, at Heinens.  He is quite familiar with the store so I wasn't surprised when the cart, steered by him, made its way effortlessly to the beer aisle where he loaded up on the Dorts.  Then we proceeded to peruse each and every aisle, with him remarking frequently about how nice the store is.  Once we had loaded up on all the essentials- ice cream, cinnamon rolls, and chips (which he opened in the store and offered to share with fellow shoppers), we checked out and were on our way.

Our next stop was Sephora where he was interested in EVERYTHING.  I think he is considering a new skin care regimen after sampling numerous creams and lotions.  And after each sniff or squirt he would look around the store with wonder and say "this is a NICE place".  We didn't stay long as I don't think the technicians there are checked out on male makeovers, but as we left the store he turned to me and said, in full voice "I am REALLY enjoying this".  

He certainly was never a shopper back in the day, but I think today just proves that a little retail therapy is good for everyone.