Take A Seat

J:  Lately getting Sweet T to sit down has become a huge challenge.  Getting her to stand up isn't easy either, but generally one can pull her to a standing position, despite her protestations that you are "ripping her".   Getting her to sit, however, is another matter.  Tonite we were trying to get her to climb in to my SUV to go to dinner.  It was freezing cold, so we were trying to move quickly; our first mistake.  

She looked at the seat of the car like it was Mt. Kilimanjaro.  I encouraged her to lift her left leg over the lip of the car.  No dice.  I tried the right leg. Same result.  I tried turning her around to back her in.  She tried walking away.

I tried a head first approach.  She was terrified.  I tried lifting her.  She's heavy.  I was sweating.  GRB was already in the car.  He got out to help.  He was no help.  It was a giant cluster.  

Finally we put her in the front seat.  A combination of a lift, a push and a pull.  The whole time she was protesting.  I think our days of dining out are coming to a close. 

Sunday night dinner is taking a dive.  Another casualty.