Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

J:  This is one of my favorite expressions, because it is so true.  Looking around, I can always find an example of someone doing something better than I can do it, even if I feel like I'm doing a good job.  It's easy to get discouraged, and to lose the joy that I had found in doing something well.  So I try not to compare; to be content with doing my best and forgetting the rest.

When it comes to AD, it's hard not to compare.  A friend of GRB's stopped by over the weekend to visit. He's a high school buddy, and they had lots of fun going through the scrap books and laughing over the high-jinks the two of them pulled back in the day.  They grew up together; they were in each other's weddings.  They are lifetime friends.  So why is it fair that this tried and true longtime friend was able to drive from the east coast and visit and then continue on with this trip across the country to visit more friends while GRB is stuck in a continuous loop of nothingness?  Why did the fickle hand of fate deal GRB such a crappy hand?  Despite my vow not to compare, I found myself doing just that.  And for me, the joy evaporated from his buddy's visit.

I guess the only consolation I have is the realization that I am not in charge of the hand of fate, and what looks like a raw deal in my eyes is just a part of God's plan for my parents.  And someday it will all make sense.