Wander Lust

J: It's been a mild winter so far in the CLE and that means that GRB is on the road.  Yesterday he just did not want to stay inside.  He was in and out of the house numerous times, looking for "the people" and wondering when "it" would start.  Mainly he was anxious to get home.  Regardless of how many times we reassured him that he was home, he was not buying it.  I walked with him once around the block and reviewed who owned each home, reminding him of previous owners and trying to bring him around to the idea that this is his neighborhood; that he was at home.  

After depositing him in the slanter and trying to get him interested in the Best of Carol Burnett DVD, I headed back home.  Shortly thereafter E and I headed out for a trek around the city.  No sooner had we turned the corner off of the Parkway then we were stopped by a contractor who was working on a house.  A friend of ours, he quickly called us over to report that he had an "old timer" in his truck who didn't seem to know where he lived.  The old timer, of course, was GRB.  We quickly extracted him from the truck and led him back home.

So now we are in need of a reliable tracking device.  We have looked at the shoe inserts, but, (as the faithful reader will remember) GRB is a little nutty about his shoes, so we doubt that he would find an insert comfortable.  What we are looking at is the GPS watch or bracelet.  Something that we can track on our phones and something that he is going to have a tough time taking off on his own.  Any suggestions?