Where there's a will, there's a way!

E- Our parent's ever changing conditions can cause you to scratch your head for a minute to process just how to rally back to a manageable baseline. Sweet T seems to be throwing most of the curve balls these days! But as dedicated daughters and caregivers we press on with the daily activities.

T and I used to get massages together which was quite funny because she always had many comments as I undressed her then myself for our 'couple's ' massage. As the weather changed and parking lots became slippery we hired a massage therapist for our home twice per month. It's a perfect solution and she loves it!

T is tough to seat, but creates a bigger challenge if seated on either end of a booth while dining out. She can't figure out how to get out of the booth.  Sooo...chairs only for this gal! And more lunch dates in the comforts of the Parkway too....! Problem solved...point for us!

T is essentially lost in the hair salon and G gets lost outside the hair salon while escaping on foot. This situation is double trouble. Beginning tomorrow a stylist is coming to the Parkway on a weekly basis to set the hairstyle. Sweet T was a regular at Smart Set back in the day, so we will continue to manage great hairstyles. Check it off the list, we got this one!

Our will is strong therefore we will ALWAYS seek out a way to forge ahead! Sweet T used to tell us "we have a lot of German in us...so keep on going, no quitting". (Lecture #298 when I attempted to quit Spanish class in the 5th grade)