Mass Appeal

J:  Saturday night mass is a crowded affair.  We try to get there early so that Sweet T and GRB have front row seats which limits the amount of walking they have to do at Communion time.  Last night, however, we were several rows back.  Sweet T LOVES to people watch.  So we had the perfect seats.  She makes no bones about openly staring at people who present the least bit of visual interest to her.  

Last night was a bonanza.  There was the usual litany of old people with various maladies, and Sweet T loves to marvel at them and cluck with sadness about their difficulties ambulating etc.  Then there was a baptism during mass, and we were seated right by the baptismal font.  The baby was darling and Sweet T just smiled and smiled while watching the baptism, like she was reliving the memories of all of our baptisms.  Additionally there was a little boy with Down's Syndrome seated directly in front of us.  He was very active, moving from his mom to his dad, leaving the pew to go to the bathroom, up and down on the kneeler - he was all over the place.  And Sweet T was the historian.  Each time he moved, she turned to the lady next to her (not to me!) and reported his whereabouts.  

But the part of the mass that stuck with me more than Sweet T's eagle eye was anytime the music played.  Sweet T loves to sing, and, while she doesn't know the words anymore, she is a loud and proud hummer.  She hums every note. And the darling little boy sitting in front of us (when he wasn't on the move) sang every word of each song in such a loud and proud way. The two of them created a perfect harmony.  From their lips to God's ear . . .