Hairy Bath To You

J: There's that game of telephone, where you tell a story to someone who then repeats it to someone else who then repeats it to someone else.  The goal is to have the story remain unchanged from beginning to end.  It never happens. Something always gets lost in translation.  Add AD and three or four dortmunders to the mix, and the results are often hysterical.  

Today is our brother's birthday.  We told GRB and he was anxious to call him and extend birthday greetings.  Unfortunately, he often forgets what he wants to say and so we need to prompt him.  I called our brother and told him that I was putting GRB on the line.  We could hear our brother talking and we were trying to give GRB some talking points.  

We encouraged GRB to wish G a happy birthday.  He wished him a hairy bath.  Which sounds really gross.  G was trying to tell GRB about his fishing prowess, boasting that he caught a 20 pounder today.  GRB translated that as 20 fun.  Which I'm sure it was.  GRB was trying to relate the events of his day, which revolved around "the people" and "the event" (which are always in the offing in GRB's life) and G seemed to pick up on the fact that GRB's happy hour had started much earlier in the day.  The conversation ended with some plans to see each other, after "the big event".

Hairy Bath G!