Happy New Year!

E- 2017 kicked off with plenty of pork and kraut for the Parkway. While dining we loosely discussed resolutions with our parents. Although they didn't have too much to say about their plans for '17 they enjoyed listening to all of the grandsons tell tales from their night out with friends wrapping up 2016. 

Our Dad was nicely mellowed today by food, spirits, medication and laughs. Together we ended dinner by walking (it off) around the block. Our conversation was rather limited due to the dropping temps and G's overall fatigue which doesn't allow for much small talk. We returned home while the party continued across the street.

Much to my surprise (and for the first time in my 44 years) I witnessed G lay down on the sofa in the family room. This 'activity' was strictly forbidden in our household while we were growing up. Our parents would quickly tell us that 'this wasn't a flop house and if you were that tired you should lay down in bed'. The reasons for G's fatigue were many....all of which we call Dorts...and  topped off by red wine with dinner. 

I smiled while jokingly scolding him. He is now aware that tomorrow we will have a talk in the den regarding his New Year's Day drinking. I reminded him that first impressions last a lifetime, day drinking doesn't lead to anything good and let's straighten up and fly right!! (All of which we heard regularly in the den while we were growing up!!)

So our role reversal continues....we are looking forward to many more family dinners, walks, visits, lunch dates and laughs in 2017! Please join in on the Parkway FUN!!!