Sunday was not a day of rest.....

E-...and Monday was barely a holiday. I'm glad we squeezed in our vaca  before T's decline. Sunday and Monday called for lots of time with G as he really wasn't grasping what was going on with T. We featured the valley quite a bit...on foot, eating lunch down there then wrapped up an anxious Monday afternoon wit a LONG drive thru the valley listening to 50's on 5. G was silent for most of the ride but periodically hummed along and commented on the many large trees. As we continued driving I was clearly lost and was just about to Mapquest our address then I thought ...why?? I'm sure something will look familiar to me when we drive back up to city we did ...just kept driving. Every other song I would ask G if he liked this artist and name the individual who was singing. This triggered some conversation...then he would go silent again. 

Once out of the valley we drove through his old neighborhood because it is a favorite activity known by ALL! He directed me correctly to his old street and named a few old neighbors. We slowly drove the streets and G waved at all the people out celebrating Labor Day with family and friends. He was looking so much like his Dad the Cle politician! I suggested dinner together at an old favorite bar/restaurant that is still around and still draws in the old neighbors. 

We sat a the bar and ordered Dortmunders. I guess this is what made him think we were on a date. He started peppering me with questions about my family, where I grew up and who paid for my private HS education for 4 years. I respectfully answered each question. I'm positive the people on either side of us were wondering if we had ever met before sitting down to sip a Dortmunder together! I leaned in close to him and said, "George, I am your daughter. You have 5 kids and I am your youngest child". This news resulted in a pause and then a serious swig of Dort to digest the news. more thing the Dort is good for...wrapping your head around having 5 kids! Yikes! 

And I was the first one to leave the parkway for work this am...nice and early...drove downtown in silence...and loved it!