Sweet T's Decline

E- Yesterday and today T has not only slowed down but she is unable to stand up from a chair or get out of bed independently. The coaxing that's involved to accomplish either of the above is quite involved too! Explaining and re-explaining the request to stand or sit down in the bathroom or lay down into bed....her ability to follow instruction has drastically declined. Needless to say she is not wandering around the house these days...and many sticks are piling up in our yard! 

Whether this is a slight stroke or the disease process itself it appears that it's here to stay. The caregivers have all weighed in that while we were gone she really became much slower and weaker. I will inform all the caregivers that T is now using a wheeled walker while outside taking walks and each caregiver will need to initiate some walking inside the house with her as well. 

I updated our Dad of these recent changes in T's health and he asked if her husband is aware. It really didn't throw much of a wrench in his day to watchSweet T walk down the sidewalk with the walker that he used to rehab from his stroke in December. Our Dad doesn't recall the December event which I guess is just as well. As I walked with our Dad today in the valley and reviewed the health changes he said to me that T is a very good person and he will miss her....

I thought he would be shocked to see T again today when we returned to the Parkway but he wasn't and he still had nothing to say about the walker she was using. Oh well...the flip side could be a competent husband crumbling at the sight of his ill wife. That is not our situation. 

Our situation involves daily changes in both T and G and our quick reactions to those changes. If we have truly rounded the bend with T then this is our new reality. We will continue to work closely with and rely on our great caregivers. Friends are welcome to visit here anytime. 

No one is a stranger so please stop by and give T a hug and a kiss!!