A Host of Problems

J:  We're baaaccckk!  After a delightful trip to California, we returned to find T and G faring well.  However, I did notice a decline in both after not seeing them for 9 days.  They are both moving more slowly, talking less and making less sense when they do talk.  The ravages of this disease  never fail to take my breath away.

The latest concern brought to us by the caregivers is that during daily Mass T will take the host at  communion time but she will not put it in her mouth.  The consecrated host (for non-Catholic readers) is the sacred body of Christ and must be handled with great reverence.  Often in the past we have had to remind T to put it in her mouth, and, after turning it over several times to inspect it, she will usually comply.  Recently, though, she has been pocketing it without the caregiver noticing.  The other day she pulled it out of her pocket at lunch and attempted to eat it with her chips. The caregiver was horrified.  Just yesterday the caregiver stopped her as she was folding it into a kleenex she had pulled from her pocket.  

So what do we do?  Do we prevent her from receiving the body of Christ?  Do we encourage her to take it on her tongue from the minister?  I think that might cause more consternation as she has trouble following instructions as simple as "open your mouth".  Do we keep her in the seat and send G up to communion by himself?  Any suggestions on this latest development?