St Anthony...we need a favor....

E- Sweet T had a rough day again. She slept till 9:30 this am and immediately upon standing announced to the caregiver that she felt 'fuzzy'. After slowly completing her morning routine she still felt 'buggy'. Skipping Mass per her suggestion of 'this isn't a good idea for me, I need to stay home' really sealed the deal. She wasn't at the top of her game. 

...But at some point during her sick day she removed her wedding ring. It's currently missing and today was garbage day. I just noticed tonight at 6pm so I am convinced St Anthony was probably busy with other lost items and he will soon circle our way to assist us. All of our caregivers are weighing in via text and some actually came by to search the house! (Thanks to all of you!)

 I am praying that we find it soon! We can't allow her to appear single...she is too cute!! 

Meanwhile G informed me that he is getting back into tennis and selling insurance. We will need a separate Saint for these prayers!!