Birthday Party Plans

E- Yesterday I met with 2 representatives from the Alzheimer's Association regarding the Sunday 10/16 Walk to End Alzheimer's here in Cleveland. The 1 mile or 3 mile walk will take place at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and the plans for the morning sound fantastic. We are also hoping to celebrate our Dad's Bday there around 10am following the walk. We'd love to see lots of familiar faces there helping us celebrate and assisting our team THE DAISIES raise funds to quickly find a cure for this debilitating disease. Oct 16 is also our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of living with our parents. The Parkway Project opened it's doors and hearts last year on G's Bday after a wild bash at Whole Foods and a near ambush to get them to the Parkway. Needless to say we need to celebrate all of the above!!

Please mark your calendars but also visit to donate to THE DAISIES so we can exceed our present goal of $2,000. Let's make it happen together and know that we all helped with eradicating this disease from our future!