Successful Sunday

E- The perfect temps and lots of sunshine provided all of us with a great Sunday! The duo enjoyed a ride through the Metroparks and a stroll there too. T's sister visited them here and everyone enjoyed the bakery she delivered. We wrapped up the day with dinner at the golf club. G did his best to participate in some conversations  and T was quite preoccupied with a baby at the table next to us. Our Dad has recently decided he'd like to travel to Ireland again so we discussed the summer travel arrangements as he sipped his Dortmunder. G was much more relaxed than what he normally is while waiting to be served, even lasting through all the desserts landing on the floor and requiring an extra 15 minutes to remake everything. 

The bedtime ritual was short as J and I have a tag team approach that we have mastered. We are finally developing some routines that G is used to. Thankfully both of them turn in early and remain in bed. Gone are the days of G's binge eating multiple times after tucking him in and T doesn't hop out of bed much anymore. With nearly a year under our belts we seem to be figuring this out to some degree! 

Tomorrow G has a derm appt. which he will love because all of the attention will be focused on him. I'm not sure what the Dr will think of his recent habit of spraying air freshener all over his hands and arms but we will probably start hiding that too!!