"Reflections of …the way things used to be"

K:  It's been a while since I have blogged but having just returned from a weekend in Cleveland I have some thoughts/feelings to share.

One month before my 54th birthday, my Dad did not recognize me.  I knew the day would come but the decline in him since July 4th weekend was not good.  Once I introduced myself he seemed to come around a little, but its always a challenge to figure out what he is saying or thinking.

 Sweet T greeted me in her usual fashion with a smile and a comment that made no sense, but you could tell she was happy to see a "familiar" face.  Her decline was hard to see as well.  She has physically slowed down SO much more since the summer and her words are so scattered that really the only way to to communicate is to hold her hand and smile.  That she does well!

It's hard to believe they have lived with my sister for almost a year now.  I'm amazed that the transition has gone so well and everyone seems to have their place in this caregiving undertaking.  Hats off to my two sisters who have been there every step of the way.  I am and always will be eternally grateful for all you have done for our parents.  The caregivers they have hired are also the most compassionate and giving humans on this planet and I thank God daily for people like them and I thank them for being who they are--wonderful!!

It was hard to say goodbye.  It always is.  A hug and an "I love you" is all you've got to give.  Planning on returning to Cleveland in December, but never knowing if my return will be sooner,  I just focus on TODAY because that is the "present".