A Few Good Men

j:  Wedding fever is over and we are back to business as usual.  Today our dad's concern is gathering men.  He has asked for only two, and he has written this request down numerous times.  He hasn't specified what the men will do, only that he needs them.  Back in the day, rounding up a few men probably meant a golf game was in the offing.  If he was only looking for one guy, he was angling for a tennis match (he was NEVER a doubles player!)

 He wasn't a guy that had guy's night out - never a bar fly.  But he did love sports, and sports, like business, meant men.  So today when he was writing his request for the men and E suggested perhaps a woman could take one of the spots, he gave her the bitter beer face as if she had just cursed.  No women.  Only men.  

So it's sad that he is only surrounded by women now.  All of our wonderful caretakers are women.  His daughters see him on a regular basis. And he has his bride  All women.  No men.  

He's looking for a few good ones.  Any takers?