It's Monday....and we are headed to Cleveland

E- All day long today...our Dad pestered everyone about a ride to Cleveland. Most of us answered with the truth, letting him know we are already in Cleveland and he would reply with a muffled answer including a "yes, I know"....but then he would persist with more mumbles. Some individuals took the 'change the subject' approach which usually works but not today. He was relentless. After asking for the 496th time today he finally heard an answer that he liked. Our astute caregiver suggested going to his old neighborhood, the West Park area. His eyes lit up! That was the $10,000,000 answer! I was more than happy to see him head out the door with our caregiver and I stayed back with Sweet T who was napping. Soon after they left I received a text with a picture of G wearing a shit eating grin sipping on a Dortmunder at a West Park bar. It's a similar feeling that I would have when I witnessed my kids happily participating and playing with others in their classroom. G is comfortable and happy at the bar at 3:00 on a Monday.  God bless him! 

It's the end of a long 4 day weekend. Once again I'll be leaving for work early tomorrow.... driving in silence and loving it.