Get Me To the Church on Time

J:  We survived Wedding Weekend!  Yesterday was an  E X T R E M E L Y long day as we waited for the appointed time to head to the wedding.  Our dad knew that something was in the offing and he was so anxious about "it".  When we reminded him what the day was and that the wedding was finally upon us, he was surprised.  He knew nothing of it, he said.  

So we inched through the day, fueled by frequent walks (dodging the raindrops), lots of Dortmunders and the naps they induced.  He was fully dressed at 4 and had only two hours to wait till the event kicked off.  He looked quite dapper as he ascended the steps at the hotel where the event was taking place.  He gave it his best effort at greeting everyone, though it was clear right away that the number of people and the amount of noise would quickly overwhelm.  He walked down the aisle and we all breathed a sigh of relief.  He had made it to the wedding!

The ceremony was brief, and the cocktail party was deafening.  Our dad visited as best he could for a short time and then he retired back to the much quieter lobby bar, where we ordered him a burger and beer and called for his ride home.  He was anxious to get back to his wife.

 The tux is hung up and the wedding is in the books.  Our mom never asked about it, and our dad didn't miss her.