The Other Half of Yesterday

J;  Reading E's account of yesterday's travails with Sweet T made me realize that the faithful reader was probably wondering about what G was doing while we were waiting and watching to see if T was going to meet her maker.  Was he concerned?  Anxious?  Telling T how much he loved her and would miss her?  Nope.  He was worried about his tux for this weekend.  As this damn disease progresses our parents become more and more childlike.  They focus only on themselves and their immediate needs.

 I took G out for a drive just so T would not have to look at his impatient self.  As luck would have it, we ran into my brother.  So G was able to ask after the tux.  No mention was made of his ailing wife at home.  

Our parents will celebrate 55 years of marriage in November.  Thank God they have enjoyed most of those years in health.