There goes Mary.....

E- Today was another troubling day for Sweet T. She began complaining of left sided neck/jaw pain and was visibly hurting when I walked in from work. J and I coached her through swallowing some tylenol and we applied heat to the neck/shoulder area. Each time we attempted to reposition her she grimaced and held her neck. 

We were finally able to escort her to bed. While the caregiver and I were leading her to her room she motioned with her hand as though she was watching someone cross the kitchen and she said, "oh there goes Mary." The caregiver and I both heard her and we looked at one another. Who did she see? Had Mary arrived to travel home with Sweet T? 

I sat with her in bed while she rested and I watched her slow, steady respiratory rate. I truly wondered if this was going to be the end for Sweet T. A few times she pointed to the ceiling and said, "ok, let's get up there." I asked her if someone was calling her and she said yes...I asked her if she knew who ws calling her and she said no. 

Slowly she emerged from her room with J and I assiting and we sat outside with our Dad enjoying the pleasant temps. She didn't mention any further callings and/or sightings. I joked with her that she had sorta been a 'pain in the neck' today....she laughed and asked me if I have any special people inside. 

.....I have nothing but special people inside...thank you caregivers for your extra speical attention today! We make a great team and the Daisys are SO LUCKY to have you at their side! XO