Who's Stumping for Alzheimer's Patients?

J:  We've had a lot of fun recently with the Make America Great Again hat that G delivered to our dad.  He wears it everywhere, except when Sweet T is donning it. The other day I had him at Costco with me and someone approached him and asked how he could donate money to Trump's campaign.  He was confused, of course, but managed to say something sort of relevant.  But it got me thinking: who would be the president who would work hardest for the enormous number of people afflicted with AD?  If Hilary is elected, we can expect Obamacare to persist, and people's motivation for going in to medicine might be diminished by the thought that they won't be compensated for it.  If Trump wins, who knows what will happen.  

Either way, someone needs to stump for AD.  We hear so much about cancer research, and research on heart disease.  Where's the money for Alzheimer's research?  Which candidate will work harder to bring the dire need for a cure to the forefront?  Any thoughts?