Family Dinner with the Parkway

E- We dine together each Sunday night and tonight we stayed home and the Parkway gathered here. Two additional families joined us too for the feast and fun in the yard. Our parents were still out with the caregiver when the festivities kicked off but when G rolled up the drive I could tell he was salty. I greeted him on the deck offering him a cocktail. He refused by saying "no, everything is terrible" with a horrible look of bitter beer face staring at me. HHmmm...what could be wrong???

He ate and drank his Dort in silence then I suggested a walk. He jumped at the chance to hit the road. He was quick to tell of many different issues while we walked but each sentence stopped abruptly and left me wondering about the wide range of topics. Bowel issues, embarrassment, Hilary Clinton and hitting his lowest point were all words/phrases that he clearly spoke of but then left me hanging. (I'm unsure if I should fuse the phrases.....sorta funny though:)

We came back home and sat on the porch to further pick apart the day. Bowel issues made the list again but still lacking detail....who had the issue? where did it occur? what was the outcome? He did mention that he knows T is confused which brought me back to the 'conversation'. I asked him if he ever feels confused and he said no. I replied telling him that he's exactly right about T and what a huge help he is to her. He agreed and took off his hat which houses the GPS system we recently installed to track him. Thankfully he didn't ask any questions about the tracking chip. I was running low on responses. 

Tomorrow is another day... let's hope he changes his tune and keeps his hat on!!!!