Convincing others of the need for caregivers

E- I have met my Dad's female equivalent when it comes to being resistant to help in the home. Tonight I had flashbacks to near screaming matches that J and I would have with our Dad as we tried to sell him on care 'for our Mom'. Meanwhile Sweet T would be wearing his knee brace and he wouldn't notice...or cooking tupperware while G observed the fiery act. Clearly care was need for both fine folks. J and I were trying so hard to spare his feelings ALL THE TIME and he was never very nice to us.

Well....there's a new sheriff in town now...and she's all mine for 9 hours a week of total hatred toward all caregivers. I've been spending a lot of time with her as the steady caregiver took a FT teaching position. I finally introduced an outstanding gal tonight who will hopefully tolerate the non stop bitter beer face that greets each friendly face that appears at her door! Our meeting was brief and Kathleen the caregiver was detailed on the elevator ride up to the client's condo. I didn't sugar coat anything. I saw Kathleen take a deep breath as we walked in and met our client.

Kathleen and I earned two hash marks immediately because 1. She let us in 2. She didn't kick us out after letting us in. Score! Kathleen maintained an excellent poker face as I carefully chose my words in brief sentences with the client. I think for one brief minute she was almost ok with us being there just to introduce Kathleen and check a quick blood glucose...then the wheels fell off. 

Out we went...almost running...Kathleen is certainly questioning her caregiving career tonight! Tomorrow is a new day and I hope for several more hash marks for Team Caregiver. I'm not shooting for a gold...just a few neutral moments with this client who so so needs our help!!