Fuzzy Pickles

J:  The first memory I have of family pictures dates back more than 40 years ago at Olan Mills studio in Rocky River.  The photographer was a goofy guy who tried to get us all to look at him and smile at the same time by encouraging us to say "Fuzzy Pickles".  Of course we laughed, and thought he was weird, because he was.  But it worked.  We all looked, and smiled, simultaneously.

We needed him last night.  We tried taking Generational Photos with my family, E's family and our parents last night on our way to dinner at our parents' club.  Coordinating the looking and smiling with 7 boys and two AD patients was a challenge.  Between the boys' penchant for wrestling each other on the putting green and our mom's ability to be distracted by EVERYTHING, the pictures were comical.  Our dad was chiefly focused on getting to dinner and kept looking up to the restaurant, probably worried they were going to put up an OUT OF FOOD sign or something equally catastrophic.  

The photographer was a lovely, talented woman who has taken beautiful pictures for E's family in the past.  She did not appear to be flustered by the constant activity and numerous re-positionings needed to get the pictures.  And clearly, a photo of 7 healthy, happy young men, four grateful parents and two lovely grandparents is a wonderful memory, even if everyone isn't looking and smiling at the same time. 

Say "fuzzy pickles"!