Paying it Forward

E- Our Dad was a Big Brother to 2 young boys back in the day. They were in need of a male role model and our Dad was there to fill that void for them. He continued his efforts while raising the five of us too, always keeping in touch with one of the boys while I believe the other boy lost touch with our Dad. 

Yesterday morning while J and I were walking we were discussing which Parkway member could golf or entertain G for a couple of hours. As we were talking I received a phone call from Joe, the gentleman who our Dad guided for so many years. He and his wife were in from Alabama and they were hoping to take our parents out for the day. Wow! What a fantastic offer on a beautiful Aug day in Cle. 

The actual meeting in my driveway was touching. Our Dad is not a big PDA (public display of affection) guy but he walked out of my house with a big smile on his face and hugged Joe. He immediately wanted to start telling stories which were hard to follow. Joe and his wife Jan handled the abbreviated tales well and understood how to fill in the blanks. The two couples along with a caregiver took off for the day...touring the brewing company, the outdoor market and Lake Erie. It was a full day for our parents. Our Dad was thrilled and exhausted. 

What goes around comes around...and for us it was perfect timing yesterday! Thanks Dad for paying it forward while mentoring Joe. A huge thanks to Joe and Jan for keeping all of us in your world! You are true friends and we greatly appreciate both of you!