Taking a break

E- The parkway Project adults are all taking a break for 7 days. Call it a retreat, a camp or just time to regroup. We will all enjoy some R&R while the many outstanding caregivers keep our much loved parents on the right track. We will say a few extra prayers for both of them as we take off today hoping for safe returns from each walk around the hood. A few of our boys are around so we know that as men for others they too will lend a hand to T&G. 

We have loosely invited our parents on our vaca with us a few times this week discussing the details of our wine country tour. Our Mom feels she is not ready to travel and our Dad is shocked to hear we are headed to California. OK...so they're out and we are IN!!! Let's go!

So if we sign off for a few days (or 7) you'll understand why....until we blog again...