Good byes . . .

J:  My son is leaving for his senior year in college today. We stopped over across the street last night so he could say good bye to T and G.  Both were surprised to hear that he was leaving, surprised, in fact, that he is in college at all.  And surprised that he is at Miami and not at the hallowed St. V.  G did his best to push for his alma mater one more time, but my son wasn't having any of it.

As we left and headed back home, I couldn't help but  reminisce about how involved our parents have been in this son's life.  I have a darling picture of them with him in the hospital the day he was born.  And many more pictures from throughout his life.  They were babysitters, cheerleaders, sounding boards, mentors  - a constant presence in his life.  And now he's heading off for his last year.  I sort of doubt he will wind up back in CLE.  He has big plans, (plus a girlfriend in Columbus!)  So when will he see our parents again?  And will they recognize him?  And what is it with this insidious disease that it takes away memories that are 22 years in the making? 

Good luck J!  Have a wonderful senior year.  Remember all that grandma and grandpa taught you.  You were lucky to have such devoted grandparents. Who continue to love you.  Even if they can't express it.