New Arrival to the Parkway

E- Yesterday J brought home a brand new puppy to their home. As I was busy running back and forth with donations for Daisy (the new arrival) I was informed that our Dad was once again packing for their move out of my house. I told the caregiver about Daisy and to bring them over to visit...certainly this would distract our Dad from continuing the relocation plans. My plan failed. He barely looked at the darling puppy. He questioned J regarding her best advice for moving vans and directions to his next location.

Hopefully Daisy's feelings weren't hurt. She did receive a lot of love and attention from the rest of the Parkway and our Dad did receive his knock out pills at 7pm exactly to stop the insanity. The days are getting shorter and he is beginning to experience sundowning symptoms earlier and earlier in the day. Thankfully there are meds to treat his symptoms and another fine caregiver is picking up the refill today!!!!

One day at a time....for Daisy and Dad.