Unexpected Frustration

E- Today our parents received a very special acknowledgement from G's high school alma mater. The large plaque has both of their names on it. This really caught G off guard and no one was sure why he was unhappy to see both names. He would hold the plaque up toward the window almost like the names may change if exposed to natural light. Then he would read their two names again with a look of disgust on his face. Each of us expressed what an honor it was to have received this and how we would hang it somewhere for all to see.

I could tell something was really troubling him so I suggested a walk around the block. The issue became clear while we were still on the driveway. He asked why 'she' was on the plaque (I guessed this because he made a rectangular shape with his hands). So I confirmed his thoughts and asked if he was upset because Sweet T is mentioned on plaque. He said yes. I told him that they were being honored as a couple for all the support they've given to the school. He stopped walking and looked right at me to say that they were NOT a couple. Ohhhh....so this is the problem.

I reminded him that (like it or not) he is a married man andSweet T is his bride. I repeated her full name including her maiden name and he just shook his head...

Clearly our Dad still lives in a man's world .... we will not cross out T's name form the plaque. She's been the faithful, tolerant wife who continues to stand by her 'party of one' man. Maybe we will sit out the award presentation. No need to revisit this drama!!!