Greetings with a Credit Card

E- lately our Dad has been overly eager to use his credit card. He NEVER EVER waved around a credit card the way he does today. Twice this week we have walked into restaurants and before I am even in the door he is presenting his Visa to the hostess. Sweet T and I are always the caboose and I can see the confusion on the face of the young girls standing in the entrance. He is explaining nothing to them while waving both hands and trying to place the card in their hands. This is another time I am happy to whip out a 'PLEASE EXCUSE US THE INDIVIDUALS I AM WITH HAVE ALZ 'card....Once this card is placed in the hands of the hostess the situation shifts and she begins agreeing with all the half words/phrases our Dad is using. We all smile and nod at one another and I quickly process if it is too early to order a drink. It's usually not too early. Thankfully.