Changing strategies...

E- As the disease changes the individual we too need to modify our strategies. Recently our Dad was headed toward a busy street again while out walking and our Mom was napping. The alert caregiver informed me that he was 'out of sight and did not appear to be riversiding at the usual spot on the street'. And she was right. I trailed him wondering just how far he would go. It began to rain a bit so he opened the umbrella that Karen the caregiver had handed him as he left. Once under the umbrella he stopped the scenery had changed or the sidewalk had ended or something. He abruptly turned around and bumped into me. He wasn't terribly surprised to see me although he had no idea I was following him. We walked home together under the umbrella as he informed me he was once again looking for his Mom.

(We are currently searching for a GPS system that he can wear 24/7 and not remove on his own. Suggestions welcome!!)

And another change occurred recently as well. Our Dad will now go to bed alone without our Mom. Last night I was solo with them and after securing him in the home following multiple walks (with appropriate Riversiding) I tucked him in at 7:15. I strategically placed myself at the kitchen computer to continue working while our Mom watched the Olympics and ran full commentary in the family room all by herself. I was able to monitor her activity and the bedroom door and get work done!

Sometimes we luck out with the changes that occur and for that I am thankful. Someday I am sure I will miss the many daily greetings of 'hullo!!' each time a door opens.  Our Dad says 'hullo!!' whether he is in the house already or just entering....each opening of a door warrants a 'hullo!!'  

Life is ever-changing!