Drowsy Dad

E- Today was a first for G. He spent more time in bed (not the slanter/recliner) than he has in his entire life. The daytime caregiver texted her concern to me that G was so sleepy and guess who was happy to rest right along side him!?!? Sweet T stuck by her man all day until she had to go pump iron with her trainer up the street. Once home the sleepy couple was again tucked into bed and G had to be convinced to get up for dinner! Again, this is not a man who skips dinner! The rain was aggravating him a bit, but he also wasn't interested in any type of road trip offered to him by the doting caregivers. 

Our Dad does have congestive heart failure (CHF) but we decided last year that the side effects of the 4 blood pressure medications that he would be prescribed would be worse than the disease itself. He denies feeling short of breath and until today has remained quite active. I'm a firm believer in "watchful waiting" and something tells me I need not be worried about good old G. I think he'll have his walking legs on tomorrow and he'll patronize stores, restaurants and maybe even the Civic Center after touring the neighborhood!