An Old Flame . . .

G: T&G, Karen,one of their helpers and I had a nice lunch Sunday as an alternative to our scheduled Tribe game. Fireworks really went off when one of Dad's old flames showed up.
Dad and Peggy S dated in high school and she and her family sat at the table behind us. 
Dad was a true gentleman and even reminded mom that Peggy was an old flame. Mom just gave it the grandma K wave and smile.
Naturally burgers and a Dort were served. A nice outing was had by all.

J: As an interesting side note, our dad remembers Peggy S as an old flame chiefly because when they were dating back in the day he took her to dinner and, much to his chagrin, she ordered a steak.  His wallet wasn't ready for that, so he had to get by with just a salad.  That was the last date for Peggy S.