Patio Playground

E- I woke up laughing this am. I was reflecting on a fun night out with old Parkway friends and I also realized that I had NOTHING to report for my blog day. This actually makes me happy because it indicates to me that things have been moving along without incident in the world of T&G. I really had not spent much time with our parents over the past 24 hours but my Friday free day always produces some material!

This evening our caregiver was cautiously timing dinner prep to assure 6:00 dinner service for our parents. I was kicking around the kitchen as well and all at once our parents both walked out on to the patio. The furniture covers were on all the patio sofas but I saw my Dad motion to our Mom that they should come off. So our Dad was focused on pulling off the canvas covers while our Mom pruned the patio flowers. She finished her task first and made fast tracks to the sofas to begin replacing the covers back on to the furniture. We watched from inside and asked each other just how long this may go on although a safe and harmless activity it was hot today!

This allowed me some time to swing through their suite and return all the wool sweaters that our Dad had piled on his bed. I also successfully dredged the hankies out of the toilet that our Mom had tossed in at some point. Once I returned to the kitchen I noted that all of the patio furniture was neatly covered again and our Mom was carrying all the flower pieces into the house. Neither of them seemed annoyed that little was accomplished on the patio and our Mom sprinkled all of the dead flowers on the kitchen floor for the dog. 

FRIDAY FUN DAY!!! It's a wrap!