National Caregiver Day

J:  The official day for national caregiver day is the third Friday in February, but, since I hate the month of February, I am making today, July 7, the official day to recognize caregivers on the Parkway.  

We are SO lucky to have so many wonderful women helping us with our parents.  It's not an easy job managing two people with dementia.  Their interests, concerns and demands are quite different, and keeping both of them happy requires a deft hand.

I stopped over across the street last night to drop off a few things and found both T and G engaged in a strange bedroom routine. T was busy placing dishes on her pillow and G was anxiously rearranging his clothes.  The caregiver was aware of all that was transpiring, but, like a good parent, she realized that these were benign activities and she was happy to let them continue.  As I visited with the caregiver, our dad came out to the kitchen to attempt to help himself to another dish of ice cream.  Since it was close to dinner, the caregiver skillfully redirected him without missing a beat in our conversation.  She is so at ease with them, and genuinely likes them.  She never seems flustered or annoyed. Rather, like a good parent, she seems mildly amused by their antics and always very patient and tolerant.  I am always amazed by and grateful for her calm demeanor.  She is a skilled and gifted woman and we are so lucky that she is sharing her skills and gifts with us.

Yesterday's caregiver is just one of the 7 or 8 women who attend to our parents.  They are all wonderful.  Thank you, ladies, from the bottom of my heart.  You are the people who make the Parkway Project possible.  My hat is off to you!