Iced T v. Sweet T

K:   There is a little irony in my subject line today.   

Down south everyone drinks sweet tea and it takes a little getting used to if you're not a tea drinker or at least not a "sweet tea" drinker.  Moving from the north 26 years ago I have never gotten into the taste and consequently I'm still happy with water or wine!!

My weekend in Cleveland was really nice.  My parents were their usual selves and everyone enjoyed being together.  

It was on my ride home that I was thinking about how really, really sweet my Mom has become in the process of ALZ.  She is always smiling and her eyes still have a little glisten to them when talking to you.  She and I have had days where "Iced T" was more appropriate for our relationship.  But Sweet T is a name that aptly fits her these days and I am happy for that.

While in Cleveland we did a little dining out and everyone who saw her would come up to say hello and ask her how she was doing. Her response was always "I am well".  (Perfect, I would think now just stop there!!!) She would smile, the friend would smile back and move on.   

It's not often that you find such a pleasant patient suffering from this disease but she has always carried herself well and continues to do so now.  My sisters and I always get a kick out of asking her a totally off the wall question, or telling her something really bad that has happened (as a way to make conversation) just to see her reaction.  It's always classic and most often  said with a smile.  She was always a trusted confidant, and now the secret is even safer!!

So like the sweet tea down south, my sweet T up north has taken some getting used to with her new personality but I must say she's a keeper.  

I love you sweet T!