Caregiver Appreciation Night

E- Last night was Caregiver Appreciation night for all of the fine ladies who care for our parents and the wonderful gals that I employ within my home care business. Many of these caregivers were meeting for the first time and it was really fun to hear how many of them knew people in common just by being life long Clevelanders. It was also interesting to listen to their many stories regarding our parents and the many clients we care for. There was lots of sharing of ideas, techniques and creative activities that they regularly implement while caring for our clients. I consistently heard "oh...I never thought of that...what a good idea!"

The talk regarding our parents generated the most laughter and smiles though. It was much like a live wake listening to the tales of T&G from our newest family members. I guess because there are two of them each with their own personality, likes/dislikes and overall variation in speed that the stories were very funny! Each story ended with "I just love T&G though". 

Ladies....keep up the great work! Our world needs more people like you! Continue to share your stories and hopefully you'll recruit more caregivers!!Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to our Cleveland clients!