Dementia's fixations

K:  It's anyone's guess what a conversation may be like when chatting with a person who has any type of memory issue.  You have to be ready to roll with the punch lines to make everyone feel comfy!

Last night's "Dinner with Jean" was a night of discussing our crepe myrtle trees that surround our pool.   A storm had blown through during the day which caused many of the pink flowers to blow all over the patio and into the pool.  Why anyone would have planted these trees where they did is beyond me but they did.  So my mother in law is sitting outside and just can't get over the trees, and what kind are they?  I tell her.  She repeats same question.  My daughter tells her. A minute or so later, the same question and my husband reminds her and also that we just told her. She apologizes and asks again within a minute.  Now her other son who lives with her, starts to lose it and tells her "crepe myrtle"!!   I have never really liked the crepe myrtles because of the mess they create, but now I AM really hating them.  I get up to refill my glass.  The Q & A continues until everyone had a full glass, including Jean!!!

Why the trees?  Usually it's "where are the kids" over and over?  I guess it's just that it was something new that she doesn't often see but liked them well enough to inquire.  I told my husband we'll just add it to her list of "fixations" which really aren't many, and try to keep her indoors next Monday!  ha