Single Parenting

I read an article in today's PD about a book written by a woman who is taking care of her mother by herself. Her mother has AD and the author has been on her own with her since she buried her sister several years ago. As I read the review of the book, I realized how lucky we are to be a family of 5 kids helping with the care of our parents.  Granted, they live with E and I'm across the street, so we have more of the day to day interactions, but we know that a sympathetic ear is only a phone call away.  This woman is handling everything on her own, much like a single parent.  In the book she talks of questioning every decision and the anxiety it causes her.  She has no safety net, no one to call when the going gets too tough or she just needs a break.  She has caregivers to help, but no family.  Family makes all the difference.

Thanks to my sisters and brother for always being ready to pick up the baton and run with it when the Parkway runners need a break.