Sweet T For Trump

J:  We've watched a lot of coverage of the election, from the primaries to the RNC being held here in Cleveland.  Each time our mom sees the Donald she has some choice words about him, and usually they are not very positive. So imagine my surprise when I saw her today sporting a "Make America Great Again" hat today, courtesy of her son.  She looked quite sassy in it.

 When I've questioned her in the past about her political convictions, she has been tight lipped about her choice for the next POTUS.  She usually offers some version of "well, I'm going to have to think about that" when asked who she will be casting her vote for in November.  Perhaps the excitement of the convention in Cleveland has swayed her to Trump's camp.  Or maybe it's because the hat was a gift from her one and only son.  And because he only brought one hat, she was feeling sassy because she managed to put it on before our dad did.  Whatever the case, if everyone could be as sweet and kind as our mom is, then America would truly be great again.