My week of 'being present'

E- Sunday family dinner...Monday breakfast time together and a few walks...then on Wed I golfed with our Dad. Keep in mind I do not golf so I was the full time driver of the cart. This was challenging for our Dad to grasp but it was/is the reality. As it played out he did school me regarding no carts on the greens...who knew...and I was able to guide him on using a putter on the greens versus the driver which gets A LOT of use in his golf game.  Anyway our Dad is not truly a 'golfer' but he tries hard. The blue sandals and persistent use of a tee all the way down the fairway does draw some attention but he's ok with it. He seems to enjoy about 50% of the golfing adventure...always looking stressed but keeps moving to the next hole.  We reviewed many times why I wasn't golfing and what T may be doing at home. We agreed that our next golf outing should include Sweet T. 

Yesterday I spent some time going through scrap books with our Dad and trying to piece together the stories he was telling. It was a struggle for both of us but by nodding and smiling we managed to laugh at a few of the tales. This morning was my time to assist with morning care and breakfast. We have established a pretty smooth system, always allowing gentlemen first for feeding and showering. Our Dad is always in a hurry to get the day started but the July heat has him back in the slanter this morning. 

I wish there were more activities we could enjoy together....I wish the three of us could take fun road trips and sight see across the many things I wish we could do together. I'm aware that time with them in the simple ways around the house, at Mass, in the grocery store and around the neighborhood allows me to meet them where they are and remain present with them comfortably. I'll get enough road trips with the Parkway Village I'm sure.