Fun fact on Low T

K:  I am sure you've all seen the commercials on TV advertising for LOW T for men and how to correct it.  Well it's a fact that more women suffer from low testostorone and aren't even aware of it.   They may just chalk it up to stress, being overtired, etc., but when actually tested (blood test) they will find that their testosterone is very low.  This happened to me!

So today when discussing with my OBGYN my options for hormone therapy as a breast cancer survivor, she said one of the most studied drug has been testosterone and its been a proven preventer of ALZ.   Knowing my family history with this disease she didn't have to convince me and I receive a pellet in my hip 4x a year with a controlled level of testostorone.  She said she even prescribes it for her husband since his family has a history of ALZ.  It's benefits are far reaching and the improvement in how I feel is amazing. 

So for all of you out there with a genetic history and an "advancing age", you may want to inquire with your doctor what your T levels are and make sure they are within the "normal limits".