Citizens on Patrol

J: Yesterday T and G got an opportunity to participate in real life justice.  We all went out on a boat ride with our brother on his new boat.  We docked down in the Flats and went exploring.  When we returned to the boat we learned that the boat had been the victim of a hit- skip; one of the outboard motors was cracked.  Our brother went into investigator mode, with T and G as his side kicks.  

After getting a thorough description of the offending boat from eye witnesses and relaying the description to the authorities, we headed for home.  No sooner had we pulled out of the break wall, when suddenly we spotted what appeared to be the nefarious boat.  G accelerated quickly and simultaneously turned the boat almost 180 degrees.   We almost lost our parents over the side. The combined look of horror and excitement on their faces was priceless.  They held on tight and backed up G as he interrogated the suspects.  As it turns out, they were not the culprits (sorry, again, to the nice family out for an enjoyable Sunday boat ride).  Once back home safely G learned that the Coast Guard had apprehended the suspect, so it looks like justice will be served after all.

Later in the day we were recounting the harrowing tale to our dad's sister.  As our mom sat and listened she remarked how glad she was that she hadn't been a part of it.  She's always been good about being tight lipped regarding on-going investigations.  Stay tuned for the next episode of COPS on the water . . .