Thanks to the Village

E- This week went well for our parents. Plenty of activity which included visitors and golf dates! Nothing makes them happier than seeing a familiar face...on our patio or on a lunch date at Panera. Today they have a lunch date with a couple who has been more than faithful friends to our parents. I will quickly review lunch options with them that make sense for our Mom and the rest will take care of itself...these friends are just that way! They are both so caring and calm around our reply from T or G rattles them! 

Tomorrow night is family dinner night at our parent's golf club and I will finally have my own family back home! We will all dine together and our Dad's sister is joining us as well. The golf club setting is perfect for our summer evenings and everyone greets and chats with our parents which makes both of them smile. 

A smile from our parents means the world to me. I've seen quite a few this week so thanks to all of you who made the many happy moments happen!!