Double Blog Day

E- I accompanied our parents to Mass tonight for the first time in a long time. Our Mom comments on every individual who steps up on the altar..."I like him so much".... and each of us has to nod or she persists..."don't you like him?"...I finally had to suggest silence or each of them would need to attend Mass again tomorrow (our parent's famous threat). Our Mom sings every song even if she La-Da-Da's the song in full volume...she's an active participant in the Mass. She still knows all of the responses and refrains...pretty amazing. 

While reading the Mass bulletin I realized today is our 9 month anniversary of living the Willy Wonka lifestyle. Then the Priest began his Homily and spoke to being hospitable to others...not only hospitable but present with your guests. So my goal this week is to be more present with my guests. Fortunately I am off  because of the RNC, so my plan is to be present with our parents. Maybe I will drive the golf cart for our Dad (accompanied by 2 additional village members) and serve beers or maybe I'll assist our Mom to her hair appointment which is something the caregiver has to get creative with because G refuses to go in for the 45 min visit. Maybe I will take the multiple walks each day with our Dad or pick up sticks with our Mom. 

I will let you all know as the week plays out....where will this week take me!!!??