Thank You For Coming!

E- Our Mom's sundown syndrome (increased confusion/restlessness in the evening hours) is really advancing. She is only able to sit still if seated outside on the patio with someone chatting with her. Once inside she immediately says 'ok folks, let's get this show on the road'..and the fidgeting begins. She has recently discovered a mysterious sweatshirt in our home...a Cincinnati Bearcats hoodie. She routinely holds it up and reads it 'Cincinnati what in the heck is this about'...then folds it up and carries it everywhere. Sometimes she'll neatly place it on the gas range or in a kitchen cabinet. Somehow it always lands on the kitchen island each morning regardless of where it was at 8pm. (Does anyone know who it belongs to?)

Undressing for bed is becoming a much longer process too. Clothes must disappear as soon as they're off her person or they go right back on. Literally. And when she's corrected on this repetitive, taxing activity you'll usually hear 'now wait a minute, what the heck?' as her reply. Tonight we were struggling together...the 3 of us. Our Dad examined his sandals repeatedly and we thoroughly discussed leaving them off for bed. He had secured mail in his pocket which he refused to remove and the indecision over sleeping with his belt on or off took a few minutes to finally decide it should come off for bed. Sweet T was busy shooting many a stink eye at me as I insisted that pants and shoes are not bedtime clothes. 

With my task completed, both neatly covered up I said goodnight...and Sweet T said 'thank you for coming!' I answered 'you're welcome Sweet T'....and guess what she said? 'Now who the heck is Sweet T?'