The language of love

K:  Dallas is having a tough week.  The President was just here to talk about unity and inclusiveness within our races.  Our Chief of Police has thrown down the gauntlet to all those protesters who want to do something positive with their anger to join the force.  DPD is hiring.

My thought was to blog about the language of love and how people perceive it and what are the words of love.   Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas said watch your words.  Words hurt but words can heal too.

In watching my parents over the years use their words in daily communications, they were always kind and respectful.  There was never any known animosity between them that we could see.  Was this normal?  Maybe not in today's day and age, but that is the way we were raised.  We never saw conflict, but we never saw resolution either.  Those are things we need to teach our children.   It's not normal to get along all the time.  People have different opinions, ideas and depending on where they were raised, morale and intrinsic values.  It's all okay, but what's not okay is not respecting someone for those values.

When the language of love is not able to be spoken, it's an action based communication. We see this daily with our parents.  Their words are scrambled and often times never understood by them or us, but the kindness in their actions speak volumes.   The gentle hand holding when sitting next to each other, or reaching out for the other when walking; this is love.  

In the words of Tim McGraw, always be humble and kind.  When words fail you, kindness can always prevail.