Dinner Dates

E- The other night my youngest son had 2 friends over and he asked if they could stay for dinner. So as I prepped for the teenager cookout our caregiver managed Sweet T and G's dinner. The 5:00pm hour is challenging for our Dad because he knows that dinner is in the works....and he often gets 'hangry' and begins some finger pointing about the dinner delay. 

Thankfully he was in a good mood and had tossed back a Dortmunder while he questioned me extensively regarding the 3 place settings at the island. The boy's plates contained his favorites (burger, corn on the cob and fruit salad). Several times he attempted to seat himself at the island as the boys were still playing on the rope swing in the valley. I was power texting them to hurry up because this stress was beginning to overwhelm our Dad. The caregiver kindly mentioned to me that we should have planned a bit better for 2 dinners. (Yes...my bad entirely. And thank you for being so nice about my goof up!!)

So the boys arrived and I made introductions between these 14 year old gentlemen and our parents. Our Mom was busy at the kitchen sink removing all the food scraps from it and setting them around the island. The polite guests observed and said nothing. My son redirected Sweet T and she replied with commentary that made absolutely no sense then went for the disposal button. I physically stepped in to avoid the disposal event since there could have been anything (and I mean anything) down there! I began guiding her to the kitchen table to seat her for dinner. 

Meanwhile our caregiver engaged the boys in normal teen talk, rerouting this dinner date for me! So now it was time to address our Dad and invite him to the table. He threw out a whole new move as he crossed the kitchen. He simulated the breaststroke with all eyes on him. None of the boys stopped eating, they may have picked up the pace a bit though. The caregiver was still managing sports talk with the boys and she maintained a poker face as well. 

I haven't asked Charlie if his buddies will return for dinner again..or ever again! I don't want to make a big deal out of Sweet T&G and hopefully my son isn't teased about our expanded family! I feel that my youngest has grown up quickly and much more has occurred during his short life than the older 2 boys. 

If nothing else these experiences will be dinner date material for my son to chat about with his gal!! His lucky date will quickly realize what a great man she is dining with and getting to know!!